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We are digitising logistics with just a blank sheet of paper!

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Fraud prevention
Due to the uniqueness of the paper structure, fraud is no longer possible
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End-to-End Traceability 
Tracking of the items in operational processes and volume prediction 
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Environmental friendly
No need for florescence ink, RFID or Frankit Machines. Can be used with any product, no need for additional marking
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Cost efficient
No process change in the existing operations. Due to the simple process only a camera is needed

No Label - No Problem
with PixoParcel!

Re-identify anonymous parcels in the hospital area!

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Less liability costs

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Increased customer satisfaction

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Reduced labor cost for manual processes

Our white paper for lost label parcels is available now!

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Our white paper for stamp fraud is available now!

Prevent revenue leakage by identifying fake stamps
with PixoMail!

Revenue leakage in mail operations due to fake stamps is estimated to amount to 500 Million Euros. 

PixoAnalytics identifies fake stamps on mails and parcels as well as re-used stamps in the sorting operations up to 4m/s conveyor speed. 

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No impact on your sorting process

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Patent pending technology with very high accuracy

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High volumes without interruption

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Sustainable approach with low investment

How PixoAnalytics makes identification secure

Did you know that just a piece of paper can contain more information than any QR code has?
Current Challenges
Low reading rate due to low printing quality
Low verification rate due to low reading rate- very limited number of mails can be verified and billed correctly
Billion of business letters cannot be fully controlled due to the low reading & verification rate
Revenue leakage
Revenue leakage only in mail operations are assumed more than 500 million Euro only in Europe and North America
Our Solution
Fake proof
Unless all previous solutions,
PixoAnalytics cannot be exactly copied
PixoAnalytics is always unique like a fingerprint since the paper structure can not be reproduce
High reading rates
Regardless of the printing quality 
Works with every type of mail
Fully automated
Environment friendly
The only technology for identification and tracking of letters without any environmental footprint
Faster processing thanks to automation
Working even on partially damaged paper

How it works

PixoAnalytics is a unique code generating technology using paper art, and the future technology for non-tampered identification.

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Each piece of paper has its unique and natural paper structure what we call fingerprints. Our technology uses these fingerprints for identification of parcels, mail and any other identification purposes.
Just like regular fingerprints, the paper structure
can not be reproduced.

How it works

Benefits for Business Customers

Significantly low investment
Only  camera and standard scanner needed 

Usable with any product
No need for additional marking

No process change

In the current mail operation

Easy installation & process
by the consolidator company,
business customer or letter shops

Environment friendly
The only technology for identification and tracking without any environmental footprint

Check of number & type of mails according to sender 
Information is used to control the received payment and offered discount

PixoAnalytics offers automated revenue protection for every mail product, without changing the nature of the franking product itself.


Identification of fake stamps on mails & parcels 

Sustainable approach with low investment

Patent pending technology with up to 99,9% accuracy


Identification of parcels without label via ordinary (smartphone) camera

Calculation of shipment volume and identification of shipment material

Patent pending technology to track parcels without labeling


Return shipments without paper & labeling for e-commerce customers

PixoReturn algorithm can be integrated with a mobile app

Improve your e-commerce customer experience

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Software to identify labels in supply chain operations with > 99% reading rates

Reduced inventory cost by precise item counting, locating & tracking

Increased reading rates by inventory robots in warehouse management


PixoPharma can read the medication box and sealing on the box with high resolution camera

No need for special cameras or change in packaging operations

Identification of fake medication or medical tools with 99,9% precisicion


Algorithm and camera to read paper fingerprint and control unique characteristics visually

PixoID can be used as add-on software by security agencies, companies and governments 

Identification of paper fingerprint of important ID documents (passport, drivers license etc.)

Use cases


Gerhard Stüber

Deutsche Post AG / P&P, EVP / Operations

"This new solution seems to be a complete new way to identify all of our letters, in an automated approach and help us to protect our company's revenues."


Dietmar Steins

DHL Supply Chain, EVP / Solutions Design

"If we are able to use paper as identifier, we are more independent and flexible to offer identification as a service to our customers without relying on individual engagement with our customers for every single part."

The team

About us

PixoAnalytics is a german based computer vision & AI company founded in 2021. Deutsche Post AG is currently the biggest investor of the company.

PixoAnalytics makes it possible to identify any item like letters, parcels, medications, fabrics, plastics etc..  at any point in time in any location with its unique surface structure recognition algorithm. PixoID can track and trace any item without requiring any additional identifier. A unique algorithm can identify an object in milliseconds among billions of others. Its unique algorithm can also identify fake and original products only looking at material structures even by a smartphone camera. PixoAnalytics has 2 issued patents and 6 patents pending worldwide. 

PixoAnalytics revolutionizes the future of business with just a blank sheet of paper and fights against frauds successfully.

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