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We enable a hassle-free return process

with 0€ spent on printing labels 

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How to delight your customers 

without spending a EURO on printing labels

for E-Commerce shops 

How will label-less return transform your operations?

or why should you care about it?

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Positive impact 
on the environment
No environmental pollution caused by used and wasted labels. Perfect for sustainability and circular economy projects.
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Improved operations
The risk of a sorting machine
scanning the wrong label,
as well as an inconvenience for customers with matching a QR code to the right box are 
fully eliminated.
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Reduced costs
E-commerce companies and postal providers can save up to 50 cents on every label that will not be printed.
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Higher profits 
due to improved 
customer retention
Friction & hassle-free return process will make customer experience better, and increase your customer’s
satisfaction and retention.
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How does it work?

Label-less return is a unique code generating technology using paper art, and the AI technology for non-tampered identification.

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Each piece of paper has its unique and natural paper structure what we call fingerprints. Our technology uses these fingerprints for identification of parcels, mail and any other identification purposes.
Just like regular fingerprints, the paper structure
can not be reproduced.

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4 easy steps for your customers to return the parcel

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Customer writes the code

Customer receives an alpha-numeric code
via your app or website and writes it on the
in a specifically dedicated area.
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Parcel gets identified

Returned parcel goes through the sorting
and our algorithm, integrated
into your cameras, identifies
the code.
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Customer takes a picture

Customer takes a picture of the code,
and the system
saves a representation of the handwriting (fingerprint), not the image.
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Return is complete

Seamless and easy return for you 
and your customers!


Gerhard Stüber

Deutsche Post AG / P&P, EVP / Operations

"This new solution seems to be a complete new way to identify all of our letters, in an automated approach and help us to protect our company's revenues."


Dietmar Steins

DHL Supply Chain, EVP / Solutions Design

"If we are able to use paper as identifier, we are more independent and flexible to offer identification as a service to our customers without relying on individual engagement with our customers for every single part."

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Get ahead of the competition! 

We are working with multiple postal offices on testing the solution in their sorting centres. Become a leading e-commerce provider by securing your pilot with us.

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